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3 responses to “Solar Movies | Solar Energy + Solar Movies”

  1. Julia Hayes

    Thanks for this information. I checked out the Climate Sensible Designs DVD – it is very well presented and its easy for us homeowners to absorb the important principles.

    We have a passive solar house and receive compliments on its comfort despite the current high temperatures outside. Our energy bills are very small compared with similar homes.
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  2. Ben Wan

    You are teaching us so much about saving energy and living more comfortably with the environment. It’s much easier to watch a movie than read a detailed manual. I enjoyed seeing the examples of what works and what we can apply to our own existing houses to be more comfortable. Thanks.
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  3. garrybaverstock

    This DVD says it all about what the householder needs to consider before designing or retrofitting an existing house to be a well optimized passive solar home for the climate. Up to 90% energy savings are achievable with a passive solar house and a solar water heater, low energy appliances and frugal use of energy. Add a PV system and you have got your home to be running on free energy, mainly courtesy of the sun. 15 -20% of carbon has then been abated in the developed world for al times.

    It is not rocket science and it is amazing that the focus on making all homes passive solar throughout the world has not become mainstream before now, though regulation is starting force the change in many countries and the average person is catching onto the benefits. Hopefully this video will explain how energy independence can so easily be achieved and inspire people to act in fixing up their existing homes and building a state of the art solar home if the build sometime in the future.


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