Honour Roll

Solar-e is a global business entity that is owned by Wise Earth Pty Ltd. The website promotes the use of solar energy and energy efficient architecture through six key areas: Communication, Information, Education, Innovation, Design, and Action.

The following people represent a focus for the main challenges and opportunities for the environmental well being of the planet for the 21st century. We call them “Global Gurus”. We are proud to distinguish them as members of our Honor Roll.

Dr. David Suzuki (Bio Diversity)

” Without the levels of solar radiation received on our planet life would struggle to exist. Bio-diversity as it exists now and so abundantly in the past, owes its creation primarily to the sun. Preservation of life on earth will be made easier if solar energy was used to power our built environment. With significant technological breakthroughs in photo-voltaic cells over the last 30 years combined with more focused knowledge of passive solar design techniques up to 30% of greenhouse gas production (at 1990 levels) could be avoided.
Eventually this would help planet earth restore a manageable balance and greatly assist in protecting bio-diversity and eco-systems. “

For further information about Dr. David Suzuki and David Suzuki Foundation, visit his website at www.davidsuzuki.org

Dr. Amory Lovins (Built Environment)

“Solar energy use (both passive and active) in the built environment has an important part to play in reducing greenhouse gas production in the first half of the 21st century. To achieve meaningful results, the individual’s choice of home, car and work place will make a difference.
One of the major barriers for wide spread adoption is lack of awareness and knowledge of the world’s population. The internet as a potent vehicle of change, will reduce this educational shortfall by making readily accessible information available to a greater proportion of the global population.”

For information about Amory Lovins’s and Rocky Mountain Institute’s prolific activities, see their website at www.rmi.org