Our Business

Solar-e is a global business that promotes the use of solar energy and energy efficient architecture through six key areas: communication, information, education, innovation, design and action.

A Business Approach to Create a Solar Economy

Solar-e is a global business owned by Wise Earth Pty Ltd. We believe that it is our responsibility as a member of the global community to strengthen renewable energy’s relationship with the built environment with the ultimate goal of global sustainability.

What Are We Here For?

There are six areas which create the greatest impact on our understanding of and ability to implement true change:

  • Communication
  • Information
  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Action

We provide the tools which enable communication, information and education to facilitate and encourage innovation, design and action. We are passionate in our belief that knowledge inspires lasting and powerful change.

Who Are We Here For?

The environment is everyone’s responsibility, and we provide our services to all who wish to learn, talk and connect with others. This includes:

  • Students
  • Educational institutions
  • Consumers and the general public
  • Professional Associations
  • Architects and designers
  • Innovators and inventors

Our Businesses

  • Wise Earth Solar Technology
  • Sola Tank
  • MassWall
  • MassLinc
  • TectoPergola