Eco Architects Endorse New Energy Law

25 June 2010

Jacinta Goerke, Journalist

THE federal government’s new law to introduce energy efficiency certificates for commercial building landlords as from 1 July 2010 has been welcomed by eco architects.

Western Australian eco architect Mr Garry Baverstock said the legislation was a sensible move and he hoped it would soon include residential buildings.

“The built environment constitutes between 30 and 40 per cent of CO2 emissions so the more we move toward retrofitting existing buildings and ensuring new ones comply with passive solar design principles, the better,” said Mr Baverstock.

Mr Baverstock said ongoing price hikes for electricity, gas and water had seen a shift in the way people thought about their homes and office buildings.

“People are now interested in how the orientation and materials used to construct homes and commercial buildings can significantly reduce their energy bills,” said Mr Baverstock.

“My only concern is whether the new law will be open to misuse.

“The ACcuRate system allows homes with air conditioners to receive higher ratings than those without which is absurd in most metro and south-west locations because properly designed and constructed buildings simply don’t need air conditioning,” said Mr Baverstock.

Mr Baverstock said money and legislative change were the main motivators in changing people’s behaviour.

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