SolarDay Update

SolarDay lives!

John Reed the founder of SolarDay Worldwide is tenaciously continuing to work towards cementing the program as a truly national and international event in 2014.

He has tirelessly worked to gain the sponsorship and corporate investment needed to make this worthy event a very long-term, inter-generational initiative.

We applaud John Reed’s community building and private enterprise approach, taking many years to make his idea a valuable contribution to the evolving economy running on increasing amounts of clean energy. It is only a matter of time before June 21st all over the globe, becomes universally recognized and celebrated as one of the most important days in the annual calendar.  ‘Persistence’ beats ‘resistance’ as they say.

Celebration of the Sun’s path

We need for all humanity to celebrate the existence of the sun and encourage the use of this energy to the maximum and save our natural environment, and help create a truly sustainable world for life on earth for eons to come.

The often talked about ‘elephant’ in the room is actually two elephants, both largely invisible to most contemporary citizens and policy makers. One is named “solar energy” and the other is “global population” control and management. Together planet earth gets a chance at keeping the quality of our lives and a natural environment that will last.

Ingredients for a Better USA and World

It is high time that these two ingredients for a more secure, stable sustainable world become mainstream thinking.  It is a no brainer really.

We encourage all of industry, politicians, associations and societies to get behind John Reed’s initiative.  He is on the right track in our opinion. Many have already.

So, catch the train to a solar, clean energy future!

We need a business entity that makes SolarDay a perpetual annual focus.

In the real world the SolarDay event is a perfect, practical and self-funding focus for the solar energy industries.

Contact John Reed to find out how you can make a difference.

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