Sustainability Cannot be Insulated from Quality

23 February 2010

Ray Wills, Chief Executive
WA Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA)

Minister Garrett’s announcement of support for business affected by changes to insulation and solar hot water rebates has been welcomed by the WA Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA), Australia’s largest state-based business chamber for the sustainable energy industry.

‘WA SEA is an industry chamber supporting market-based, sustainable solutions to grow energy efficiency and renewable energy for he benefit of the Australian economy,’ says Prof. Ray Wills, WA SEA Chief Executive and Adjunct Professor with The University of Western Australia.

Sustainability includes the following key attributes:

o Dealing transparently and systemically with risk, uncertainty and irreversibility.
o The principle of continuous improvement.
o The need for good governance.
o A commitment to best practice.
o No net loss of human capital or natural capital.
o Ensuring inter-generational equity.
o Integration of environmental, social, human and economic goals in policies and activities.

As a business group interested in sustainability, government programs commissioned with the intent of improving sustainability must deal with risk, good governance, and a commitment to best practice.

Any measure from government must not lose sight of the reality that Government has effectively created partnerships with businesses that will deliver promises to the electorate.

Government policy measures can make – and break – companies. Industry is interested in being a help, not a hindrance, and genuine consultation and partnering with groups like WA SEA will go a long way to addressing government’s problem in this space.

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