AuSES Conference Best Papers: Solar Thermal

We have prepared list of’s own selection of ranked candidates for the best Solar Thermal papers presented at the ‘Solar 2010’ Conference: Policies and Strategies (including the Economics of solar energy, diversity of derived forms of solar energy, electricity grids and data collection)

The analysis and understanding the of more obscure fields of solar energy related technology and policy developments is obviously another critical step forward to applying more solar energy in our economy. this section will hopefully expand as more papers are delivered in the future.

AuSES Committee – Best Papers at AuSES Solar 2010 as judged by the AuSES panel

Student Prizes – Wal Read Memorial Prizes
Post Graduates Prizes
BILBAO, Jose “PV-Thermal Water Systems as a Retrofit for Near Zero Energy Homes”
Winner $1500 AUD
BAMBROOK, Shelley “Experimental PVT Air System for Dwellings”
Highly Commended $1000 AUD
LHENDUP, Tshewang “Simulation of a Ground-coupled Heat Pump Combined with Solar Collectors”
Commended $250 AUD
ELLISTON, Ben “Grid parity: A potential misleading concept?”
Commended $250 AUD

Undergraduates Prizes
BRAZIER, Thomas “Dependence of installed cost of a 1.5 kW rooftop PV system on module efficiency”
Joint Winner $1,000 AUD
BOEREMA, Nicholas “Economics of constraints on wind farms – SA”
Joint Winner $1,000 AUD
O’BRIEN, Paul “Exergetic analysis of a steam-flashing thermal storage system”
Joint Winner $1,000 AUD


A comment by Garry Baverstock, director of is included

1.  Management of Dish Concentrator Off-Axis Reflections
G. Burgess, P. Scott, J. Preston and K. Lovegrove

Comment: Large scale thermal has great potential throughout the world and synergistic with other forms of fossil fuel generated power stations such as coal and large scale oil and gas.  These researchers have large credibility as does their university.

2.Modelling of a Direct Contact Two Immiscible Phase Molten Salt System for High Temperature Solar Thermal Storage
Shane Sheoran, Martin Belusko, Frank Bruno, Wasim Saman
Comment: Salt storage is an important part of the future viability of solar thermal plants as coal become replaced.

3. Solar Thermal Storage and Steam Programs at the CSIRO National Solar Energy Centre
R McNaughton, R Benito, GJ Duffy, JH Edwards, JS Kim, W Stein
Comment: Production of steam at night and cloudy days is imperative for a solar thermal system and this research will assist in creative solutions in the future.

4.Development of a High Flux Solar Furnace Facility at CSIRO for Australian Research and Industry
James T. Hinkley1, Robbie K. McNaughton1, Andreas Neumann1
Comment: This is visionary work s we start to apply high tech solar thermal energy to industry as Climate Change may make it an imperative if other avenues of GHGs do not work in the short time we have available.

5.Exergetic analysis of a steam-flashing thermal storage system
Paul T. O’Brien1 and John Pye2
Comment: Good to see mechanical engineers thinking out of the square.


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