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Australian Carbon Price will Reduce Carbon Pollution

With a new Australian carbon price voted in, irrespective of political positions Australia can no longer be accused of ‘dragging its feet’ or being a ‘climate change bludger‘.

Australian Carbon Price

Australian Carbon Price

Finally with this Australian carbon price decision, after four years of frustrating manoeuvring by lobby groups and destructive attempts by climate sceptics there is tangible action on the table. The volatility surrounding this legislation has made a mockery of democracy. In 2007 the Australian people clearly wanted something to happen and the establishment of a new economy that addressed climate change that would deliver leadership for our region in the world.

The Realities of an Australian Carbon Price

The price on carbon, as Malcolm Turnbull former Liberal Party leader correctly points out, will come at a cost. It is not a wasted cost and will be an investment with large returns in the future. Our lives and those of our children and our grandchildren will be more secure with an Australian Carbon Price strategy adapting effectively to and curtailing, extreme climate change.

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Green Architects

As we all become more aware of green issues and the impact that that our lifestyles and consumption patterns have on our environment, many people are examining their living patterns and the way their homes are constructed, in order to reduce their energy demands.

Green Architects Professional Training

As this interest has increased, the architectural profession has responded with specific environmental architecture training courses to enhance the skills of those interested in becoming green architects.

Natural Comfort

When new buildings are designed by experienced green architects, using the latest energy-efficient principles, owners enjoy reduced energy consumption and a more naturally comfortable environment. Owners of non-energy efficient buildings may ‘retro-fit’ their existing buildings to reduce energy loads and achieve greater comfort.

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Media Release: EMC Solar Steps up its Clean Energy Profile

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

EMC Solar Ltd (Energy Made Clean) today announced the appointment of a new director and acquisitions of an interest in HAC Australia Pty Ltd and Clear Energy Pty Ltd, all of which will contribute to EMC’s plan to be a significant player within the clean energy sector.

Energy Made Clean Solar Logo

Alannah MacTiernan joins Board

“Alannah, as a former long serving Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, brings a wealth of experience and a reputation for getting difficult jobs done and we are extremely pleased that she has agreed to take on this role,” said Mr Davidson the company’s CEO.

HAC and Clean Energy Acquisitions

“HAC is a growing business that has established a strong reputation for innovation and project delivery in the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors”, said Mr Davidson.

The investment in HAC provides EMC with access to a talented and experienced team of engineers and project managers to support the rapid growth of EMC’s project pipeline, and provides HAC with the resources and commercial skills required to continue their growth in the professional services industry.

Founded by key leaders of the team that managed Perth’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Trial, HAC was established in 2007 to help industry and Government prepare for a carbon constrained future.

HAC’s principal offices are located in Melbourne, Perth and Kalgoorlie.

Clear Energy holds a Western Australian electricity retail licence. This acquisition will enable a vertical integration with EMC’s clean energy generation assets, improving the efficiency of electricity trade and lowering the cost of clean energy to EMC’s commercial consumers.

About EMC

Energy Made Clean Solar

Energy Made Clean Solar

EMC is an Australian Federal Government Registered Pooled Development Fund established in 2004 and focused on commercialising opportunities in the clean energy sector via three strategic divisions; Generation, Services and Technology.

Until recently EMC owned Australia’s largest Photovoltaic Solar Systems Integrator which was successfully divested to a NASDAQ listed company. EMC retains a share holding in that company.

One of EMC’s subsidiaries recently signed a $1.7M Federal Government funding agreement to build a solar power station in Carnarvon. Construction is expected to be completed in August this year.

Energising South East Asia Conference | Renewable Energy Investments

The  Energising South East Asia Conference and Exhibition will  be the largest sustainable energy expo ever held in Western Australia and is shaping up to be the largest expo to showcase renewable energy and energy efficiency ever held in Australia.

Energising SEA | Renewable Energy Investments image

Energising SEA | Renewable Energy Investments

Around the world, growth in renewable energy investments are now greater than any other form of energy source.

Global renewable energy investments are around $US160 billion and this burgeoning of global effort in green energy is underwriting interest in the Energising South East Asia conference
Asia continues to be the fastest growing market in clean tech, with renewable energy investments now in excess of  $US40 billion. For example, China alone now has 42.3 GW of wind power, and has surpassed the US in terms of total installed capacity of wind.

Australia is lagging behind the world in both renewable energy investments and carbon pricing, as highlighted this week by Prof Ross Garnaut in his first update of the Garnaut Climate Change Review. But interest is strong – as it should be in the nation with the world’s best renewable energy resources.

Recent reports suggest Australia has the potential to produce some of the world’s cheapest renewable energy, and to meet all its energy demands by 2050.

Energising South East Asia Conference :   DETAILS

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