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Sun Rises on Big Solar

11 May 2010

John Grimes, CEO
Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES)
Website: www.auses.org.au
Email: CEO@auses.org.au

The sun is rising on Australia’s Big Solar industry following some important announcements in last night’s Federal Budget. “The Australian Government is really starting to back Big Solar in Australia”, said John Grimes, the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES). “Last night’s announcement of two major solar projects, the short-listing of eight Solar Flagships proposals and funding for solar research and development mean the sun is starting to shine on Big Solar”. “AuSES congratulates its member companies Wizard Power and AREVA Solar and their partners for successfully obtaining funding to build 40 and 23 megawatt solar power plants. I look forward to seeing the ground turned on these major infrastructure projects, and I can’t wait to see clean energy jobs being created in Queensland and South Australia.” “However, Big Solar won’t become a reality in Australia until Federal Parliament approves the Enhanced Renewable Energy Target, and AuSES calls on all political parties to pass the legislation as soon as possible.” “Once the legislation is passed, the Australian Government should turn its attention to expanding a strong and sustainable Big Solar industry. Without a price on carbon, that means ensuring Big Solar delivers its fair share of an expanded Renewable Energy Target, and introducing a competitive feed-in tariff, tax reform and loan guarantees for Big Solar.”

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