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A Note on Indigenous Cultures

Garry Baverstock
Co-Founder & Director, solar-e.com
Email: g.baverstock@solar-e.com

As pointed out by Thom Hartmann in his book “Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”, the old world developed human relationships, culture, and a code of ethics which was intimately related to our environment and its sustainability.

This deep, spiritual respect is something that was lost about 7,000 years ago when mankind started on a journey of materialist pursuits. Although important for mankind to develop the ego or conscious mind, the result for Mother Earth has been imbalanced, unsustainable and above all, unhappy.

We now have an opportunity to go back (if we can) and learn from our indigenous populations how they achieved a balance. If we are prepared to overcome our superiority, sectarian and irrational mental conditionings of the past, it is not too late to listen and learn.

We should cherish and honour our indigenous people before it is too late. Ultimately our quality of life and maybe our very survival of future generations will depend on it.

Investments in indigenous cultural projects are not just an investment in the financial sense,
but an investment in our future.

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