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LEED Funding Grants – innovation concepts

Chief Scientist Lyn Beasely’s LEED Advisory Group recommendations have been given credence by the current WA Government which has  announced the latest round of grant approvals for Low Energy Emissions Developments. The State Government has announced investments of almost $8million in three new low-emissions energy projects in Perth, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Karratha.

Read the details here

The increase of Federal and State funding for future clean sources of energy is a great initiative because the “do nothing” scenario propagated by the Climate Sceptics is simply going to destroy our world for future generations.  It is great that current WA Government recognizes this and has continue the LEED Funding Scheme.

As they say in cricket and many times in life, ‘playing off the front foot’, is the best way to go.  As time goes on and a realistic price is set on carbon pollution, our work will become even more focused and will result in improved risk management of R&D and commercialisation support programs.

If our society is not researching and developing and exploring potentially viable innovations then our society is not just staying the same.  In relation to other countries we would be going backwards.

I am not at liberty to discuss any details of the assessments or our methods of adjudication but am willing to discuss innovation concepts in a general fashion and what I consider is needed for seeking better more relevant applications.

Garry Baverstock A.M.

Winners of Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence & Innovation Awards Announced

25 March 2010

Ray Wills, CEO
Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA)
Website: www.wasea.com.au
Email: info@wasea.com.au

The inaugural WA SEA Sustainable Energy Industry Awards for Excellence and Innovation, with Sally Dominguez from the ABC New Inventors as MC, and awards presented by the Minister for Energy, Hon. Peter Collier.

The Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA) ran its inaugural Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Awards last night (Wednesday 24 March 2010).

WA SEA is delighted to announce the winners of the 2010 Awards.

Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Developer Award
– Award sponsored by the Forest Products Commission.
This award is for innovative development plans for a new renewable energy project, process or plant which is well advanced through the design and construction process, but not yet in operation. The award focuses on innovation and leadership by example in renewable energy and project sustainability addressing economic, environmental and social factors.

The winner of the Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Developer Award was Carnegie Wave Energy Limited (ASX:CWE) and their Perth Wave Energy Project.

The judges commented:

“Carnegie’s nomination stood out as it clearly demonstrated that the project is truly innovative and sustainable. Wave technology is attractive as it creates a reliable and predictable power source which operates without water consumption and the use of the novel fully submersible technology means the project has little visual impact. Of particular note is the potential second application of this technology to provide desalinated freshwater.”

Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Community and Regional Initiatives Award
– Award sponsored by Unlimited Energy
This award is presented to a community or government enterprise, or an organisation, that through projects, policy, initiatives or other action, has advanced the cause of sustainability and renewable energy use within its stakeholder group. Through the sustainable nature of projects at a grass roots level, it has provided a greater awareness and support within communities for the uptake of renewable energy.

The winner of the Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Community and Regional Initiatives Award was Horizon Power for their Energy Efficiency project.

The judges commented:

“The quality of applicant in this category was extremely high making the judges’ task quite difficult. The winner is Horizon Power for their “grass roots” Energy Efficiency project which has been implemented throughout 12 aboriginal communities. The community engagement and clearly demonstrated results suggest that this is a model which could be adapted and rolled-out to the wider community.”

The judging panel also asked to make special mention of the Somerville project. The judges commented that “This is an inspirational project which, when completed, will provide an excellent role model for sustainable living. We look forward to hearing more on the progress of this project in future years.”

Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Project Award
– Award sponsored by The West Australian.
This is awarded to an organisation for an outstanding single project completed in the 2009 calendar year, that embodies the principles of sustainable energy, efficiency and/or greenhouse gas abatement/mitigation. Projects in this category are judged on their innovation and leadership by example for the sustainable energy industry.

The winner of the Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Project Award was The Department of Treasury and Finance.

The judges commented:

“Treasury and Finance (Building Management and Works) was chosen for the wide range of sustainable technologies and design features which have been incorporated into the WA Basketball Centre building. This project has created an excellent public showcase for sustainable development.”

The judging panel would also like to make special mention of Sunpower. The judges commented: “Sunpower’s energy re-fit of the Crowne Plaza in Alice Springs utilizing existing infrastructure and their engagement and education of hotel guests via public displays and in-room information is an excellent example of educating and getting buy-in from the community.”

Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Energy Generation and Distribution Award
– Award sponsored by Jackson McDonald.
This award is to an organisation that during the 2009 calendar year that is best seen in embodying the principles of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and/or greenhouse gas abatement/mitigation in the generation of energy for Western Australia domestic and commercial customers. In being innovative and leading, these organizations show a commitment to sustainable energy and WA SEA principles.

The winner of the Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Energy Generation and Distribution Award was Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd (LGP).

The judges commented:

“The judging panel felt that Landfill Gas were a worthy winner of this award as their nomination clearly demonstrated their excellent track record in the field of extraction and application of landfill gas to create a safe, clean energy source.”

Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Product and Technology Award
– Award sponsored by The University of Western Australia
This award is presented for an innovative new renewable energy product, introduced onto the market since the start of 2009. The companies in this category are the innovation engines through which energy efficiency, renewable energy and Green House Gases abatement can be achieved.

The winner of the Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Product and Technology Award was SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB) and their T20 Single Axis Tracker project.

The judges commented:

“Sunpower submitted an excellent nomination that clearly demonstrated the suitability of their technology for use in remote locations and how its novel backtracking technology addresses some of the technical challenges of traditional tracking systems.”

Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Ambassador Award
– Award sponsored by Western Power
This award is presented to an outstanding individual that has, through philosophy, attitude, behaviour and action, shown commitment and leadership in the areas of sustainable energy, energy efficiency or greenhouse gas abatement mitigation. This award is presented to those whose commitment to these principles is demonstrated clearly over their careers.

The winner of the Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Ambassador Award is Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Director, Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence.

The judges commented:

“This category was hotly contested with a number of very high quality nominations. The judges chose Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb to recognise his significant contribution to the industry and in particular, for his ambassadorial services by uniting academia, industry and government to ensure sustainable energy solutions for Western Australia. The culmination of which was the set-up of WAGCOE.”

The judges would also like to make special mention of Garry Baverstock.

The judges commented: “Garry’s nomination demonstrated that he is a man who “walks the talk” and has great passion for and commitment to sustainability. He has spent his whole career involving and educating the community on sustainability issues and we commend him for his work and passion.”

2010 Sustainable Energy Industry Award for Excellence and Innovation
– Award sponsored by WA SEA
This award was to the applicant to be seen by the judges, as the best of all applications in embodying and supporting the philosophy and principles for which WA SEA was founded and under which it operates. The winner of this award has demonstrated an outstanding performance in their innovation, and commitment to excellence in sustainable energy principles.

The 2010 Sustainable Energy Industry Award for Excellence and Innovation went to Horizon Power. Horizon Power was acknowledged for their commitment in looking for all opportunities to deliver sustainable solutions to their customers.

The award ceremony followed the successful conclusion of Western Australia’s largest ever sustainable energy conference. With a great conference program featuring more than 40 speakers and 35 exhibitors, and the event including our ceremony, we are pleased that our conference and awards will be covered extensively by media partners EcoGeneration and Recharge, and also by the ABC New Inventors television program.

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Innovation and solar-e.com

Dr John Barker
Science Dynamics
Adjunct Professor, School of Sustainability, Murdoch University
Email: jedbarker@solar-e.com

“Innovation” is at the heart of solar-e.com’s mission. By “innovation, we mean:solar-e, solar energy

“The process of transforming an idea into something useful”

Innovation is a process as well as a product and is distinct from invention. The innovation process is the “99% perspiration” that follows the “1% inspiration” of creating the idea- ie inventing- in the first place. Of course creativity is essential to start the process, then it’s the perspiration of applying both intellect and experience to bring the idea to fruition.

For solar-e.com, those ideas also include the establishment of global networks that lead to numerous joint ventures, various initiatives, and commercial opportunities in solar energy (in all its forms). We will be innovating to make these things happen.

Our approach to innovation is systematic– in several senses of the word. We see the world as a variety of systems- collections of interacting people and things that are connected by a common purpose- these systems can be technologies, buildings, organizations, industries, governments etc. This approach helps to clarify what we are talking about and what is important and what is the context when we are innovating. Of course, we believe that ultimately everything is connected, but some connections are more dominant in particular situations.

Our approach is also systematic in that we look for the underlying order, logic, reason and causation that drive a particular innovative situation. To understand innovation we must understand the present and likely future stages of development of the idea, the environment in which it is being innovated and the “market” in which it will be used. To help our understanding we often use the metaphors and analogies of life cycles, with ideas and systems emerging, growing, maturing, resurging and ultimately fading away.   

And innovation is also not just about technologies- it’s about the way that we transform organizations, people, laws and even governments. To make these transformations we need to take into account a wide range of factors, which we call the “10 Ms”: 

  • Mandate- The rules, laws and customs that enable or impede innovation
  • Motivation- Why the need for innovation arises
  • Markets- Product, price, promotion and place!
  • Management- Who organizes the innovation and how they tick
  • Manpower- Who actually has their hands on the innovation
  • Machines- The plant and equipment that is used
  • Materials- The stuff that the innovation is made from
  • Money- It comes in many shapes, sizes and conditions apply!
  • Map-Space- How people and things relate geographically
  • Map-Time- How things change as the process unfolds.

We see the character of each of these “Ms” being different at different stages of the life cycle of each system. This helps us to understand why some innovations are harder to make or implement than others.

This approach to innovation might seem more complicated than necessary- but experience tells us that many ideas fail to make it through the “valley of death” of the innovation process for reasons that could have been anticipated. Not only is innovation the 99% perspiration of the process, but about 99% of good ideas never make it to market. That’s a lot of wasted perspiration!

So solar-e.com is about innovation in a Twenty-first Century context- we are using experience and intelligence in the process of helping to make a sustainable world.

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